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Content Director w/ SEO Expertise & High-Quality Copy Skills

Job Brief

– Our ideal candidate is a long term team player looking to help grow our company.
– We need you to talk to us and we will always listen and try to communicate.
– Never disappear on us. We are a team and every player is human. So we make mistakes. We get better by working together.
– We need a person who can listen and take direction and self start every day.

The Position

– Content Director w/ SEO Expertise and High-Quality Copy Skills
– We offer consistent hours, clear communication, and direction


– SEO Expertise
– High-Quality Copy Skills
– Fluent English
– Fast Consistent Internet
– Resume
– Proof of Work
– References
– No other employer
– Able to work fulltime
– Secure Computer
– Pass Test Task

Responsibilities in Exact Order

– I create one video daily that my Creative Director edits, formats and uploads to Google Drive for YOU the Content Director
– First create a SEO optimized video Title and description for YouTube
– The Content Director will create a blog focused around the video that I record daily making key points and making sure everything is optimized for the search engines.
– The Content Director will create a small press release and spread that content to all the proper distribution channels.
– The Content Director will then create specifically optimized posts for social media platforms based on character length and using the properly sized images created by the Creative Director in Google Drive
– The Content Director will create a daily email about the new video and blog.
– After all posts are formatted with the proper media you to upload the copy back to Google Drive
– Then notify and provide the Social Director with the link to live content and who will then distribute the content across social media platforms and engage with users.
– Once a month we will write a new 4 part email campaign to go out once a week recapping the last month

Apply now, we need your help. 🙌