FreshCredit Joins FightForTheFuture in Urgent Open Letter to US Congress: “Lawmakers Must Defend Blockchain Privacy.”

Digital Rights Advocacy Group “Fight For The Future” Encourages New U.S. Congress Members to Protect Privacy Rights

Washington D.C. – Digital rights advocacy group, Fight for the Future, has posted an open letter on its website calling on the new members of the U.S. Congress to prioritize the protection of privacy rights. The letter co-signed by dozens of companies and organizations aims to address the legislative and regulatory actions that impede the creative power of U.S. software developers. FreshCredit LLC is proud to have signed onto this important initiative.

The authors of the letter emphasized how the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects code as speech while highlighting the need to safeguard personal data, champion end-to-end encryption, and identify and correct power imbalances. The letter named several technologies that promote online spaces that are not owned or controlled by a single person, which places user privacy at risk. These include Filecoin, ReddCoin, ZCash, MobileCoin, and various communication protocols.

Fight for the Future’s campaigns and communications director, Lia Holland, emphasized their objective with this letter in her statement to Cointelegraph. “Our objective with this letter is to sound the alarm that the previous Congress’ neglect of privacy as a human right cannot continue. It’s time for our legislators to stop trying to punish the open source and decentralized software developers who are giving everyday users as well as vulnerable communities like journalists, activists, abuse survivors, and minorities the tools they need to protect their privacy online.”

The letter garnered 36 signatories, including industry players like the Blockchain Association, ReddCoin (RDD), DeFi Education Fund, Ledger, Nillion Network, Protocol Labs, and FreshCredit.

About Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future is a non-profit digital rights advocacy group that aims to protect and expand the digital rights of individuals and organizations around the world. The group has been actively engaged in creating and implementing campaigns that highlight the need for privacy rights, net neutrality, and online security. Visit or for more information.

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