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Social Director w/ Social Media Experience & High-Quality Communication Skills

Our Goal:

– Our ideal candidate is a long term team player looking to help grow our company.

– We need you to talk to us and we will always listen and try to communicate.

– We are a team and every player is human. So we make mistakes. We get better by working together.

– We need a person who can listen and take direction and self start every day.

The Position

– Social Director w/ Social Media & High-Quality Communication Skills

– We offer consistent hours, clear communication, and direction


– Social Media Experience

– High-Quality Communication Skills

– Problem Solver

– Fluent English

– Fast Consistent Internet

– Resume

– Proof of Work

– References

– No other employer

– Able to work fulltime

– Secure Computer

– Pass Test Task

Responsibilities in Exact Order

– Create one video daily that my Creative Director edits, formats and uploads to Google Drive for

– the Content Director who prepares all the additional copy and posts it to the blog and does a press release.

– You the Social Director then come in a schedule the social media posts at the right times.

– The spend time posting content and links to our new video and blog in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups.

– Post Links in forums to the blog and video content

– Spend time engaging with potential leads and other users on multiple platforms such as social media platforms, online, forums, and chat rooms like Telegram and Discord.

– Send potential leads to Client Director who will follow up and email them.

Apply now, we need your help. 🙌