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Event NameWorld Blockchain & Token Summit Dubai
Event Name URLhttps://www.crunchbase.com/event/world-blockchain-token-summit-dubai
Start Date03/04/2018
End Date03/05/2018
LocationDubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Event TypeConference
Event URLworldblockchaintokensummit.com
Full Description

Blockchain Technology is clearly one of the most significant emerging technologies of the 21st century. In realizing the many applicacable uses which are available today it is easy to see how Smart City dreams, Dubai hopes to create a distributed platform which will connect its citizens to public transportation, reduce energy consumption, create online libraries and resources for students, and allow businesses to openly share their resources. Dubai is looking to completely integrate its government sector using blockchain technology in order to increase efficiency, transparency, and openly transform its economy on its immutable openly accessible public ledger as Dubai’s most important experiments into the fintech realm.This will surely act as a model for other cities States and Countries throughout the region and the world taking full advantage as the Global Leader in this historic use case of this highly advanced infinitely secure soon to be embraced in all aspects of our lives and always will be known as the greatest emerging technology of our time. With this in mind, we are extremely pleased to announce our World Blockchain & Token Summit in the city to be known as the Blockchain Capital of the world, Dubai UAE, bringing together the greatest world-class Blockchain Technology pioneers, providers of solutions which will resonate with everyone that attends in order to allow everyone to explore first hand the many potential uses of Blockchain technology and how it can be applied in the Middle East especially and around the world by the very individuals that have brought this to the great people throughout the Gulf Region and how it can bring us all in the Region along with the rest of the world in full cooperation locally and on a global scale and allow everyone to freely participate in all aspects of Government, Finance, Public and Private Industry, entrepenurialship, Small Business, jobs creation, micro and macro economies which can operate in a Decentralized and distributed open source fashion autonomously or in conjunction to the current legacy systems in complete transparency and guaranteed to usher in a type of freedom and cooperation unseen as of yet in history on an extremely important localised fashion while simultaneously providing global reach and connectivity to the IoT Internet of Things) and the EoE (Economy of Everything) Please Do not miss this historic opportunity to listen and learn from the most knowledgeable individuals and most advanced Tech Start-Ups of our time along with their network of Global Blockchain Experts with some of the smartest blockchain industry experts, who will be sharing their experience and what they personally endured over the last 9 years. How each individual can utilize it in order to achieve financial security and less dependence on the very resources which are limited and streamline anything and everything in which it can be applied, and the rest you will just have to come and see first hand yourself in Dubai, UAE on 4 -5 March 2018.The Blockchain Capital of the World.

RegionsGulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Venue NameDubai United Arab Emirates
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